Well, here I am.

Just what the world needs right about now: another self-absorbed blogger parsing the crushing minutiae of his life.


I always swore that I’d never have a blog because I thought, who really cares to know what I think about this or that? But now, I’m doing it because it will serve the same purpose as another favorite hobby of mine, which is talking out loud about the goings-on around me while I drive the 23 miles to work every day. It is just the nuttiest stream-of-consciousness ramble, usually unprintable, but I find that it helps to clear my head before starting my day on the job. Sometimes these car rambles take the form of a rock opera centering around the guy in the Lexus who cut me off, or on a truck driver who is bearing down on me because I’m not driving fast enough for him. To say that these epic songs are politically incorrect is a massive understatement, and these villains of the road could never know that their misdeeds helped me pass some time entertaining myself. Far from being my own worst critic, I have evolved into my own best audience.

Naturally, if there was a hidden camera installed in my car during any of my daily one-man spectaculars, I’m guessing that I’d probably be under observation before too long.

So that’s the purpose of this blog: to replicate that gushing flow of unending nonsense brewing in my cranium, most of it directed at strangers that I presume to know everything about, except without the singing. But please, if you wish to sing it, by all means, do so.

OK, so I actually completed this first post without incident. My next post will be about Facebook Obituarians that we all know, and that concept about death always coming in threes… get ready.

See ya soon.