Hey there, it’s me. My name is Charles Caracciolo, and I’m positive that the Internet has just enough room for the pithy musings of one more blowhard. So here are my collected ramblings, which, very tellingly, my iPad almost corrected to “rumblings” as I typed it in. Is Apple even more omniscient than previously thought? Quite possibly, but they can forget about receiving any kind of financial remuneration, like if this all blows up into me becoming the next Perez Hilton and getting my own gossip show and doing red carpet fashion snipe fests with Michael Kors and partying like it’s 1999 with boy band members and…

Wow. That escalated quickly.

Anyway, that’s a little more of a peek into who I am than I ever intended to show anyone here. Let’s just pretend like you didn’t see that, and continue on to the musings, yeah? Cool. I’ll be seeing ya… CC.


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